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Intimacy of Memory Workshops and Offerings





'I was surprised how cathartic the experience was as a whole and when I left, I felt at ease and almost as if I had finally come to terms with my loss and was able to move forward and think about grief in a new light.' Barb



In an effort to empower, support and engage people in their own healing around loss, I facilitate art-making sessions that are tailored to an individual's needs or a group’s profile. Participants are guided to create a finished piece of art based on their memories, objects they kept, etc. Because many who attend have little to no art experience, workshops are designed in such a way that participants feel encouraged, supported and successful. All materials are provided.


Community-based Workshops

Participants of this relaxed and mutually supportive workshop are guided in the creation of a personal work of art related to the loss of a loved one and in celebration of their shared connection. And workshops can also contribute to the health and wellness of the broader community. Following the workshop, If requested, a curated public exhibition of the art and community discussion can be hung in a central location. The exhibition creates the space for an important dialogue around grief and loss. This model is especially helpful for those experiencing ambiguous or disenfranchised grief.  


Individual and Family Art Sessions 

Make your own Intimacy of Memory piece of art either in your home or in my studio. This can also be done with a group of friends or family members who each make their own work of art. For families and friends, there is an opportunity share memories and art with one another.



If you are interested in having an Intimacy of Memory tribute created to honor a loved one, this process involves a one-hour interview in which you share your relationship and the objects you kept after your loss. Based on this, I then create artwork based on my interpretation of your narrative. To request additional information, please visit the contact page. Examples of my IM work can be seen here.


















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