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As a painter and mixed media artist with an extensive background in printmaking, my current work explores different narratives unified by my art-making techniques:


Urban Abstraction represents a body of work that explores the city, steeped in its aesthetic and social paradoxes. How does constructed space separate or bring people together? What makes a community and what tears it apart? This interest in the power of place can be traced back to my New York roots.


Dialogue/Interpretation grows out of my connections with nature and with my abstract emotional world. It represents my enduring respect for the human spirit, as it engages in the profound and complex process of healing. 

My commitment to using narrative art as a way to address social and emotional concerns, has led to me create the following projects:


The Opioid Project: Changing Perceptions through Art and Storytelling seeks to change the way society views substance use, and addiction, as well as how people treat those grieving the death of a loved one.  The Opioid Project works to highlight the complex social narrative of addiction, while giving space and ‘voice’ to all those connected to the opioid epidemic. By partnering with local groups, institutions and municipalities, The Opioid Project supports local leadership as it seeks to address opioid prevention, education and treatment.


Through The Intimacy of Memory: The Art of Loss, Love and Remembrance I examine why people choose particular objects after someone close to them has died. This exploration has brought together my background in public health and my skills and experiences teaching art and as an expressive arts and health facilitator.



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